How to Stay Creative & Productive During COVID-19: Managing Your Music Career

This past year has been one of the most challenging, stressful and unprecedented years of our lives, for many of us. Covid-19 has taken away many things we once took for granted: our health, freedom to travel, our jobs, entertainment, seeing others, shaking hands. One of the industries that has been heavily impacted by the coronavirus is none other than the music industry. Since the beginning of the pandemic, tours and live shows have been put on hold. Without the usual freedom of our daily lives, many of us are facing the harsh reality of less motivation, creative drive, and inspiration. However, I have come up with a few tips on things you can do to stay creative and productive with your music during the pandemic (and stay socially distant)!

  1. Focus on writing more music! 
      • Practice makes perfect. Write on your own, or schedule a zoom call with friends for a co-write! The more you write, the better you will become.
  2. Start a YouTube channel for your music.
      • Film covers, share original songs, or post videos of past performances! While in quarantine, you can grow your internet presence and continue to practice your stage presence.
  3. Look for different virtual opportunities.
      • Although there may not be live performances at the moment, there are various ways to still be involved in your community and improve your talent, such as with online lessons or virtual competitions! Research different companies or organizations around your area to find new opportunities.
        1. Music Row Voice – Virtual Lessons
        2. 615 Sings
  4. Play a live performance on social media.
      • You can still put on live performances for family and friends through the use of social media! Pick a day and time, advertise your live stream, invite your friends to watch, and go live on a social media platform of your choosing. Most social platforms allow you to go live, such as on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. It is a great way to grow your following and practice in front of an audience!
  5. Host a virtual writers round.
      • With today’s technology, it is super easy to connect with others. One of my friends, Amanda Eppolito, also known as AVE, has started the tradition of hosting virtual writer’s rounds! It is a fun and easy way to meet others and perform your songs! To host your own, schedule a date and time, create a sign-ups sheet for other performers, spread the word on your social media, and send a zoom link for those who are performing.
        1. AVE – Virtual Writer’s Round
  6. Share your music on social media platforms.
      • One of the major hits of quarantine has been Tik Tok. Between funny memes, new dance trends, and discovering new music, it has been a platform that allows creators of all kinds to come together and share their work. Musicians and artists from all over the world have joined to share their music, hoping to be discovered. Many friends of mine have gone viral on Tik Tok with their original songs! Why not give it a shot? Even if you don’t use Tik Tok, you could always share video clips on other platforms, such as Instagram with their ‘Reels’ feature.

Although times have been challenging this past year, there are still many ways we can continue to develop our talents and stay productive. I hope this list gives you a good starting point or new idea for your next step! If you like this blog post, visit my Follow Me page to subscribe so you don’t miss a future post, and Contact Me for any additional questions!