Get Lucky: Saint Patrick’s Day Spotify Playlist

Saint Patrick's Day Playlist

Happy Thursday and Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day! Today I am sharing a new playlist for you all: Get Lucky. I thought of this playlist idea earlier this week with Saint Patrick’s Day coming up. What better reason to create a fun playlist than for a celebration?!

Within this playlist you will find a variety of artists, genres, musical styles, and more. Every song was specifically selected to accompany a St. Patrick’s Day theme. I included songs with green cover art, the word “green” in the song title or artist name, or songs related to Irish culture and luck.

Saint Patrick’s Day is the annual holiday celebrated every year on March 17th, in honor of Saint Patrick. He was the patron saint of Ireland, who established monasteries, churches and schools throughout Ireland in an attempt to convert them to Christianity. Although this is traditionally a religious holiday, over the years, immigrants transformed St. Patrick’s Day into a larger celebration of Ireland’s heritage and culture in general. Typically, we wear shamrocks (Ireland’s national plant), the color green, and attend parades and parties as a way to celebrate this annual holiday.

Although COVID-19 has prevented us from going out and celebrating holidays like usual, I wanted to provide a fun, diverse playlist you can listen to and celebrate at home with.

Some artists in this playlist include John Mayer, Weezer, Young the Giant, Green Day, Luke Combs, and more. Along with the more well-known artists, there are also independent artists included in the playlist as well, such as Nemesis Andrew, Kalea Jordan, Lucky Twin and Coopertheband. I always want to provide independent artists a platform where they can share their voice and their art with others. I also want other people to have the opportunity to listen to and discover new music they may come to like!

50 songs with a wide range of genres, artists, and decades. I hope you all enjoy this playlist, whether it be for a late Saint Paddy’s celebration or to dance around your room! Listen and let yourself feel the music.

My playlist “Get Lucky” is now available for streaming on Spotify!

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