Artist Spotlight: Molly Grace

Meet Molly Grace. She is a 19-year-old singer songwriter and current student at Belmont University in Nashville,  TN. Like many others who move to Nashville, she has a deep passion for music and a dream of becoming a recording artist. Although Molly is just starting her music career, she is one to keep an eye out for in the coming years!

Molly developed a talent for music at an early age. From doing musical theatre as a kid and singing in an A capella group in high school, she discovered her natural gift for performing. After receiving her first guitar at the age of 10, Molly began learning basic chords and writing songs. She describes her initial \sound as “country-pop”. However, over the course of her high school career, Molly felt as though these songs did not truly portray her accurately as a person or as an artist; she began to outgrow the songs she had written at an earlier age. It wasn’t until Molly moved to Nashville that she truly found her sound as an independent artist and songwriter.

Molly now describes her sound as being neo-soul, retro pop, with influences of R&B and soul. She derives inspiration from artists such as Sammy Rae & the Friends, Lawrence the Band, and Lake Street Dive. Her sound is unique and soulful; she blends jazz-inspired chord progressions with honest, conversational lyrics that display her talented artistry as well as her personal songwriting.

Recently, Molly Grace just released her first debut single, “Here I Am” on March 5th. She has already received great feedback from a variety of listeners. With less than two weeks since it’s release, “Here I Am” already has over 2,000 streams. This song is one that Molly was excited to release as her debut single, as she felt it truly represented her sound as an artist.

“Here I Am” is a fun, upbeat, retro pop-soul track that is sure to get you on your feet. On top of that, it’s a breakup song! Who knew a breakup song could be so fun and positive? After going through a recent breakup, her ex-boyfriend said, “Don’t Taylor Swift me!”, and that is when Molly got the idea for this song. She decided to do the exact opposite. Taylor Swift is a big songwriting inspiration for Molly; she wanted to write a breakup song that was centered around her own personal growth instead of bashing her ex. This is a song we can all truly resonate with and take notes from!

Learn more about Molly in our one-on-one interview on my YouTube Channel. We dive into her dreams, goals, plans, and other fun facts to get to know her!

Stream her debut single, “Here I Am” now – available on all streaming platforms.

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