Artist Spotlight: Meghan Anderson

Meghan Anderson

I teamed up with my fellow friend and classmate, Meghan Anderson, this week to highlight her on my blog. Meghan is an upcoming indie-pop artist from Houston, Texas. She was born and raised in Georgia, but moved to Texas in 2010. Meghan is now currently a senior Music Business student at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. 

Meghan began pursuing a career in music at a young age. With the help of music mentor Sarah Kelly, she began writing, recording, and performing music. She has released various projects, with her most recent one being her single “Hold Me Through The Night”, in 2019. Meghan has had a few of her songs be considered for GRAMMY nominations. “Hold Me Through The Night” appeared on the GRAMMY Ballot Long List (top 100) in the Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song category. 

One project Meghan has released that she is very passionate about is her song, “Angel Reach”. This is a song Meghan had written for a non-profit organization, called Angel Reach, that helps teenagers and kids within the foster care system. This organization provides food, shelter, and unique opportunities for the kids in the program. Meghan got involved with the organization through her mother, who volunteered at Angel Reach. Being inspired by the organization and their purpose, Meghan wrote the song “Angel Reach” with reference to the Bible verse Isaiah 42. Ever since she wrote this song, Meghan has continued to share and perform this song every summer at a graduation ceremony they have for the kids that go back to school called “Always Pursue”. 

Meghan is an amazing songwriter, and even greater singer, with a story that needs to be heard. She writes songs that express honesty, vulnerability, and personal life experiences that everyone can relate to. She is only beginning her career. Given the amount of accomplishments she has already achieved at such a young age, I am excited to see where she ends up in the future. Meghan is one to watch in the music industry. Listen to her music here on Spotify!

To learn more about Meghan and the story behind her songs, check out her music blog Megh Anderson Memos. In her blog, she shares various songs she has written over the years, with the inspiration behind each story. 

Be sure to check out my new interview with Meghan on my YouTube channel – we talk about her music, the song “Angel Reach”, her plans for the future, and have a fun Q&A to get to know her!

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  1. Meghan Anderson says:

    The most fun I’ve ever had during an interview! Loved laughing with you❤️ Thanks for the Spotlight??

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